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Published 20.07.2021 06:00
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A lot or a little?

Parents need to know that Huntdown is an action game for iOS and Android devices. The action factors heavily on violence, with your goal being to try to kill many of the people you come in contact with. Players will see and do a lot of shooting, and blood's shown when characters die. Sound effects also emphasize the action, and hand-to-hand combat can be involved. Players can choose from four game modes that offer varying difficulty. The free version features a few sample levels and no ads, while the option to buy the game, with 20 levels, is available for $8.99. Players won't see a detailed tutorial when they start playing, but they can view some written information within the app, and should be able to figure out the basics pretty easily. While profanity isn't constant, players may come across some, such as the Bada** game mode.
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