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Published 05.10.2021 00:00
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Zoog: Magical Storytime

A lot or a little?

Parents need to know that Zoog: Magical Storytime's main idea is that it allows far away grandparents -- or other loved ones -- to send recordings of themselves reading stories. Story recordings come automatically with silly augmented reality filters and background music. To record, users need to sign in with an account. Note that instead of sharing in the app, you share the videos through text, email, etc. Kids can view the recording without an account. To access the full range of features though, such as recording a video response, kids need a grownup to sign in for them. The library of available picture stories is a mix of independently published books and original content. Read the developer's privacy policy for details on how your (or your kids') information is collected, used, and shared and any choices you may have in the matter, and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change.
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