Published 15.02.2018 12:04
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The Anti-Coloring Book App

A lot or a little?

Parents need to know that The Anti-Coloring Book App is a creative experience that includes coloring pages from the popular print series of the same name. The pages are, in fact, scans from the book, so families who already own the series will find them to be familiar. Each coloring page includes links to buy a related book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and to watch a reading of the book on YouTube. The YouTube links didn't work in the pages we sampled, and one of the buttons to return to the home page didn't seem to work as intended. The basic app comes with three coloring pages, and additional pages are available for purchase in the app ($0.99/pack), but there's no parent gate. Note: There was no privacy policy available at the time of the review.
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