Published 13.02.2018 12:02
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Homey - Chores and Allowance

A lot or a little?

Parents need to know that Homey - Chores and Allowance is designed to make assigning and tracking chores and allowance easier for everyone involved. There are a lot of feature which may be overwhelming for younger users. The free version of the app allows up to three users (unlimited devices), while the premium version includes unlimited users as well the option to connect to your family bank accounts for transferring money as gifts or allowance. The terms of use covers this feature, which involves signing up for a third-party service. Premium service is $4.99/month or $49.99/year. The app is prone to crashing when using certain features, including accessing the device gallery and selecting the "share with friends" menu option. Read the app's privacy policy to find out about the information collected and shared.
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