Published 14.11.2017 00:05
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Aprender Inglés y Español

A lot or a little?

Parents need to know that Aprender Inglés y Español is an educational learning app designed to teach users to speak, write, and think in a new language. It was developed through a partnership between Univision and Rosetta Stone as a way to support the Hispanic community in gaining English-language proficiency. Those looking to gain proficiency in Spanish can also benefit from it's use as this app also offers a Spanish option. Though it may seem mostly geared toward adult use, kids can greatly benefit from language learning with this app. Make sure to customize the settings as kids will appreciate a much friendlier child's voice and an option to learn letters, characters, and sounds. The first couple of lessons in unit one are free. After that the complete program comes with a steep price tag of $199. However, several subscription options are available starting at just $54 for a three- month subscription. A 12 month subscription will cost you $119 and includes two sessions with a live online tutor. Read the app's privacy policy to find about the types of information collected and shared.
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