Some Apple Card users have been treating their brand new slices of titanium as a canvas for some truly unique custom designs.

The Apple Card sign up page went live in the US at the beginning of August and the cards have finally started shipping out, but the minimalist look isn't for everyone.

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With a whole host of banks offering custom designs these days, it's actually a little unusual that Apple would stick all of its customers with the same basic white card.

Without even a wallet to accessorise, some Apple Card owners have opted to spruce up their cards, and the personalised designs are pretty amazing.

Nick Wiegand (@nickwiegand) shared these pics of his Apple Card post-makeover on Twitter. Wiegand sent his credit card through a CNC machine, which is an automated device that can be fitted with all manner of tools.

Wiegand says he used a diamond drag bit to engrave his titanium Apple Card to resemble the back of a Bicycle playing card.

Wiegand isn't the first Apple Card owner to use a machine to customise his card. Earlier this week, 9to5Mac reported that one of its readers polished the white coating off of their Apple Card using a watch polishing machine to reveal the brushed metal underneath.

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While introducing your difficult to get fancy new credit card to power tools might seem like a recipe for disaster - and don't get us wrong, in some cases it probably will all end in tears - Apple's first credit card is actually designed to be used primarily with Apple Pay.

In other words, you shouldn't be stuck without any money if you did have to order a replacement.