Published 01.09.2021 06:00
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Bloons Pop!

A lot or a little?

Parents need to know that Bloons Pop! is a strategy puzzle game for iOS and Android devices. It starts off with a clear, well-paced description of what the gameplay involves, including how in-app currency is earned and spent. Gamers also see prompts as they play, such as a reminder to merge two characters for a more intense effect when that's possible, and new game elements are explained as they're introduced. Players can buy packages of Monkey Money, Bloonstones, and other items that range from $1.99 to $99.99 in a store section. They'll also see occasional prompts for things like a Gold Pass, offering bonus rewards and power-ups for 30 days for $3.99 or 90 days for $9.99. Purchases aren't required to play, but gamers may be tempted to buy additional currency if they run out of lives and are temporarily locked out of the game.
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