Published 18.02.2018 00:13
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A lot or a little?

Parents need to know that Rider is physics-based arcade game that's safe for all ages. By touching your device's screen, you both accelerate your motorcycle over the jump-filled terrain and, when it's airborne, spin it counter-clockwise in hopes of landing it back on its wheels. Failure to do so results in your bike exploding, though there's no blood or gore or even a little driver cursing up a storm. While there's no inappropriate content in the game, it's a bit ad happy. Unless you pay for the ad-free version, you'll see frequent pop-up ads as well as a banner ad along the bottom of the screen. Players can also watch ads or spend real money to buy gems, which are they used to buy new bikes. Also, there's no privacy policy either in the game or on the developer's website, so buyer beware.
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